Weather Policy and Procedures

Weather Policy and Procedures

All fields under BRYC's usage are given to us by the Fairfax County Park and Recreation Department. All county field permits state:

"Fields and facilities are NOT to be used when conditions are such that said use is likely to cause injury to participants or result in damage to the playing surface...."

A copy of the field permit was made for EACH coach and is available at the mandatory coaches meeting at the start of the season.

All County fields are controlled by the Neighborhood and Community Services. Inclement weather cancellations for all fields located at parks will be posted to the Park Authority hotline at 703-324-5264 or website.

Because of the time, effort and money BRYC Softball has invested in Canterbury Woods Elementary fields, we can often play with county facilities are closed. A determination is made by 3:30pm on weekdays and 7:00 am on weekends based on the conditions of the field at that time and not based on the "possibility" of rain. This is not an exact science, but is based on factors present at a given point in time. BRYC's contract with the Northern Virginia Umpire's Association requires that we provide them with a 2 hour notice of any field cancellations which dictates that fields be checked by 3:30 pm. Coaches should check the BRYC Softball hotline at 703-569-1466, daily, after 4:30pm on week days and after 8:00 am on weekends for field closures due to weather conditions or activities by Fairfax County or schools. Weather conditions at your office or home may not necessarily be those at the field at the time a decision is made on field conditions.

Once a determination has been made that a field is playable and teams show up at the field, the umpire is the sole judge as to the safety of the players and the suitability of the playing field for our Pigtail and Pony leagues. That is one of the primary functions of a professional umpire not only for weather situations, but to insure that playing rules are administered to mitigate potential injuries. The decisions should be communicated to the Pigtail or Pony Commissioners as applicable.

The coaches scheduled to play the game(s) for the Coach Pitch and 10U leagues will make this same determination. The results of these decisions should be communicated to the Coach Pitch/10U Commissioner.

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BRYC Softball is a girls fastpitch softball organization in Fairfax County, Virginia that is dedicated to providing girls with the opportunity to experience recreational and competitive softball in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, friendships, and good sportsmanship.