Internet and Web Site Guidelines

I. General Policy

BRYC Softball encourages and supports its teams in efforts to provide the community with information about BRYC Softball and its services, and to promote girls' fastpitch softball in general.  BRYC Softball maintains a web site for this purpose.  BRYC Softball will link its web page to any team web page that follows the guidelines herein.  No team has the permission to use the term "BRYC Softball" unless it is registered with BRYC Softball and follows these guidelines.

II. Application

These guidelines are current for the 2021 softball season. They will be reviewed annually and may be changed at any time by majority vote of the BRYC Softball Board or at the sole discretion of the BRYC Softball Commissioner.

III. Initial Process

Each Team intending to develop a web page must notify the BRYC Softball Webmaster and Commissioner and designate an individual (the "Team Webmaster") to be responsible for the pages.  The Team Webmaster notifies BRYC Webmaster whether the Team will develop its web page in its own domain or will use BRYC Softball's domain (see special requirements for BRYC Domain below).

  1. Design and Content
  1. Requirements
      1. Time sensitive information (calendars, special events, etc.) must be current and up to date
      2. The home page must identify Team name and level of play at the top of the page and the Team or Webmaster’s email address and link to BRYC Softball at the bottom of the page
      3. The BRYC hotline phone number must also be shown somewhere on the home page
      4. All pages must identify the Team as part of BRYC Softball using BRYC Softball's official logo
  2. Restrictions
      1. Links to other webpages are restricted to the BRYC Softball Home Page, pages maintained by the Team Webmaster, or external softball-related webpages
  3. Recommendations
      1. All pages should have a clearly defined navigational system that includes links to the BRYC home page, BRYC Softball home page, and any pages maintained by the Team Webmaster
      2. Every page should include the revision date and URL
      3. Each page should have a title tag with a unique title. "BRYC TEAM NAME Softball" is suggested as the start of each title
      4. Standard HTML should be used to minimize incompatibilities
      5. Links to non-HTML files (sounds, graphics, pdf files, etc.) should be labeled as such, include the file's size, and be named to work with any browser
      6. Graphics should be compressed to minimize the time for loading
  4. Player Names, Photographs, and Recordings
      1. Information about a player that might reasonably be expected to be published by the local media (game events, affiliation to BRYC, etc.) may include first and last names
      2. All other information about a player (school attended, statistics, personal quotes, etc.), player pictures (group or individual) [with names], or audio and/or video recordings are allowed only if all parents or guardians of the players shown in the print, picture, or recording have signed a release form and understand what publication on the Web means
      3. Release forms must be kept by the Team Head Coach with copy given to BRYC Softball Commissioner
  5. Legal
      1. Copyright law must be followed
  6. BRYC Domain
      1. If the Team Webmaster opts to use the BRYC Softball web domain, the Team Webmaster agrees to:
          1. Test and proof all materials before submitting to the BRYC Webmaster for loading on the BRYC website
          2. Submit all materials to the BRYC Webmaster in a zip file sent to BRYC Softball
          3. Make no more than one change per week
      2. The BRYC Webmaster will aim to load the information within 14 days of receipt

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About Us

BRYC Softball is a girls fastpitch softball organization in Fairfax County, Virginia that is dedicated to providing girls with the opportunity to experience recreational and competitive softball in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, friendships, and good sportsmanship.