Arm Circle Drill

For pitchers who are not extending arm properly during arm circle, position in stride position facing catcher. With glove and hand pointed towards catcher, perform three arm circles before releasing ball to catcher and following through. Repeat until proper arm circle is achieved and then return to using full motion.


Ball-Knee Drill

Stand in release position. Raise stride knee off the ground (thigh parallel to the ground and calf perpendicular to the ground). Balance weight on the pivot leg. Extend throwing arm over left thigh and knee, and glove arm over throwing arm. Push glove arm and throwing arm towards catcher while pushing out with stride leg. Perform full arm circle while striding forward. Release ball, complete full follow through. Repeat 15 to 20 times.


"K" Drill

Stand in stride position but with legs closer together than for Pull Down. Hold ball directly overhead with arm comfortably extended, and extend glove arm towards the catcher. Pull down the throwing arm to the release point while striding forward along the power line towards the catcher. Release the ball with a full wrist snap, pulling glove arm behind the body. Complete a full follow through while dragging the pivot foot forward. Repeat 15 to 20 times.


Pitching into Glove

Stand in stride position with glove open next to left thigh. Wrist Snaps, Pull Downs, "K" Drill, Arm Circle Drill, and full motion can be performed with ball released into the glove. Have pitcher follow through to bent arm position after releasing the ball. Use a sock ball or other soft ball to perform these drills indoors.


Pull Down

Stand in stride position. Extend throwing arm to rear, parallel to the ground, and glove arm forward, parallel to the ground. Pull down the throwing arm and glove arm and release the ball with a full wrist snap. Do not stride, but shift weight slightly to the stride leg and close hips towards the catcher after release. Allow throwing arm to follow through to bent release position. Repeat 15 to 20 times.


Step Back - Arm Circle

To help a pitcher keep her weight back, have her stand in stride position and perform a full arm circle drill. With glove and hand pointed towards catcher, have her perform one arm circle, driving the back knee in to the front knee at ball release. She should immediately take a step back with the back leg giving her a sense of falling back. She should fall back along the power line or she was off balance at ball release.


Stride Drill

For pitchers who can't keep weight back during stride. Set up to pitch in front of wall and perform full motion without releasing ball. Also, coach can hold rubber surgical tubing around the pitcher's waist to help her keep her weight back. Also can have pitcher stride onto inside toe area and not drop heel until after pitch is released.


Wall Drill

For pitchers who are not maintaining a good arm circle along the power line, position in stride position next to a wall or fence. Perform full arm circle three times before simulating release of the ball.


Weight Back - Full Motion

To help a pitcher keep her weight back, have her deliver a pitch at 75% speed driving her back knee into her front knee and holding that balanced position until the catcher returns the ball.


Wrist Snap

Stand with feet apart facing the catcher. Extend the throwing arm straight down with palm forward. Without moving arm, snap the wrist toward the catcher and release the ball. Repeat 15 times. Glove hand can be placed in front of pitching arm to keep it from moving.


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