BRYC Softball's foundation is their coaches.  We are dedicated to improving your coaching skills so that we can provide the best possible experience for our players.  This page is designed to provide helpful information for coaches, volunteers and parents and to keep them aware of information about BRYC Softball and the leagues our various teams are playing in.  Important information from commissioners, umpires, and other coaches will be posted here, as well as information about rule changes, and other things impacting the way you coach our players.

One of the best ways to learn how to coach is by watching other experienced coaches run their practices.  The league cannot survive without having coaches who work hard at improving their skills and at providing the best possible practices for their players.  The league IS NOT about winning games - it is about properly training our players.  If you train your players correctly in the fundamentals, then the wins will follow!  There are several ways to receive training:

  • USA ACE Certification - This is a formal training coach certification process administered by ASA softball.  Cost is $25 for the first year and then it decreases for subsequent years.  We recommend all new coaches go through the first year certification to receive training in running a team, first aid considerations, fundamental player skills, etc.  It is worth $25 - you will receive a coach's "how to" book in the mail and you also receive additional insurance coverage as a coach.  It is a great program for coaches to take advantage of.  This is REQUIRED if you intend to play the district tournament at the end of the Spring seasons - click on the link to the right to go the their website.

  • Googling "Fastpitch Softball Training" will provide you access to more information than you will ever need/read.  Here are just a few sites:
  • Fastpitch TV YouTube Channel »

  • SkilzFastpitch YouTube Channel »

  • Softball Spot »

Drills and Videos

BRYC Softball has provided a list of drills and a variety of videos to help with planning your practices.

First Aid and Concussion Awareness Program

Sports-related concussions – in all sports – cannot be eliminated, but we can all do our part to minimize the risk. BRYC Softball has put together a Concussion Awareness Program using information from the CDC to help educate coaches, parents and players.

First Aid — “A Coach's Guide to First Aid” - A great guide for coaches and how to deal with injuries and first aid.

Coaching by Leading

Good Sportsmanship continues to be one of the major goals of BRYC Softball.  Please remind your parents and girls to cheer on their team in a positive manner.  Umpires have the right to request a coach to control his players/spectators/etc., and can call a game if the coaches/player/spectators continue to behave inappropriately.  The girls learn best from positive role models and that starts with the coach(es), so let's all work together to continue to make BRYC Softball a rewarding experience for all our players, parents, and coaches.  For more info, read the BRYC Softball Code of Conduct .

Rules / Guidelines / Policies

Game Play Rules (BRYC & Inter-league)

USA Rules (2020) - Nation-wide rules governing girls fast-pitch softball

Supplimental rules that governing BRYC and the Northern Virginia leagues participating in inter-league play throughout the year

8u Rules  |  10u Rules  |  12u Rules  |  18u Rules

Coaches please note, these rules are not a comprehesive set of rules, they are simply a subset of rules that are tailored for BRYC and Inter-league play.  For a complete set of rules for girls softball, you will go to the "USA Rules (2020)" link above.

Guidelines & Policies

General League Guidelines were updated in 2020.  All coaches should be familiar with these guidelines.  If you have a question about any of them, please email the commissioner for your age group or the BRYC Softball Commissioner at

BRYC Risk Management Policy 

BRYC Softball Code of Conduct Policy

BRYC Field Use Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Fairfax County Field Closure Guidance


Web Guidelines

Coaches and Commissioners:  The BRYC Softball Web Guidelines are available on-line.  Click Web Guidelines to review the web standards adopted by the Softball Board of Directors. If you would like further information about publishing your team information on the web, please email the BRYC Webmaster.


BRYC Softball Banner Form

Download the Banner Form Here»

BRYC Softball has negotiated a discounted rate with FastSigns (Fairfax location only) to provide banners for teams.  Coaches can choose as standard format or design their own banner for their teams.  Costs can/should be shared with each family on the team equally.  Making a homemade banner is also an option.  This is not required or league driven, but is a great team motivator and way to get the girls excited about the season. 

head coaches

Head coaches and league leadership pay a reduced registration fees for league play. (click here for list of league leadership positions) If you are a head coach or league leadership volunteer, we will gladly refund you a portion of the registration fee you've paid.

You can register to Volunteer as part of your player registration »

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About Us

About Us

BRYC Softball is a girls fastpitch softball organization in Fairfax County, Virginia that is dedicated to providing girls with the opportunity to experience recreational and competitive softball in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, friendships, and good sportsmanship.