Frequently Asked Questions

What is BRYC Softball?

The BRYC Girls fastpitch softball program is a youth organization in Fairfax County, Virginia dedicated to competitive softball play among young female athletes. Braddock Road Youth Club is the parent organization of BRYC Softball, as well as many other sports. BRYC Softball uses ASA softball rules with minor modifications made to accommodate each skill level. The Board of Directors for BRYC Softball is composed of volunteers, and all coaches and other personnel are volunteers. BRYC provides training for all volunteer positions.

What is our objective?

BRYC Softball is intended to provide girls with the opportunity to experience softball at all levels in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, friendships, and good sportsmanship. It is the purpose of BRYC Softball to achieve this goal with adult leaders providing the example. BRYC Softball expects coaches, fans, and umpires to exhibit courtesy and proper decorum at all times.

What are our leagues?

BRYC Girls Softball is for girls ages 5 through 18 with groups according to age and experience.  We group girls by age because not all children develop physically and emotionally at the same pace.  By keeping the age groupings small, we allow girls of the same age and skill level to compete on a more even scale. The age is based on the player's age on January 1 of the current year. For example, a player who turns 11 with a February birthday is considered to be 10 years old for the whole year. Although we recommend the girls playing in their own age level in the spring (age level based on age as of Jan. 1st), we do permit the more experienced girls to play up at the next level. The five age groups/skill levels are:

  • Ages 5, 6, 7 & 8 - T-ball and Coach-Pitch: Our 5-8 year olds hit coach pitch. This allows the hitters to develop hand eye coordination at a faster pace than tee-ball only leagues.
  • Ages 9 & 10 - Ten-and-Under: Our 10u League players begin to pitch. This allows the hitters to get accustom to a player pitching at an earlier age, while our pitchers begin to develop at an earlier age.
  • Ages 11 & 12 - Pigtail: Our Pigtail (12u) girls play 100% fast pitch softball.
  • Ages 13 to 18 - Ponytail: As do our Ponytail (18u) players, an age level that many leagues do not offer!
  • Select teams - Stingrays - Experienced players of all ages: We also offer select travel teams at various age levels, depending on the number of players with interest.
When does registration begin and end?

Our spring registration begins during mid-November and ends around mid-March. Our fall registration begins in mid-June and ends the last day of August.

Is there late registration after the deadline?

Yes, we will take late registration requests up until the beginning of the season. In the spring that is around the 2nd - 3rd week in April. In the fall, that will be around the 1st - 2nd week in September. Although we will accept late registrations, team placement is always based on space availability.

Why does registration sometimes close early?

Sometimes we do not have enough volunteers for coaches. When that happens, we need to close registration when we fill the teams for which we have teams. The best way to make sure your daughter can play on a team is to volunteer to coach!

Once I register, when can I expect to be contacted?

For the spring season, our coaches receive their team list around the 3rd weekend in March. For the fall season, they receive their rosters on the 1st week of September. You should be contacted shortly after that.

When are our seasons?

House leagues play during the Spring (March-June) and Fall (Sept-Nov). During the Summer (June-Aug), BRYC Girls Softball sponsors teams in the Fairfax County Girls Softball League. During all three seasons BRYC Girls Softball has Select teams at a number of levels that are entered into more competitive regional play. And in the winter, we sponsor indoor clinics on softball skills.

When will the games start?

The spring season games for house teams start just before or after Easter weekend and fall season games start after Labor Day. Select teams have tryouts in August and start playing games and tournaments in September and continue throughout the year.

When does the season end?

The spring season ends mid-June by the weekend beforer Father's Day and the fall season ends by the first weekend in November. Select teams continue to play through the end of July.

How many practices a week will we have?

Before the season begins, each team will have one or two practice days. The coach decides how many practices to have. Once games start, each team has one practice day a week.

When will my team hold its practice?

Coaches determine the practice day and times. If a certain day is not good for your daughter, please let us know on the registration form. Practice time on weekdays is typically between 5:30 to 8:00. Practice time on weekends is on Sunday afternoons during the season and on Saturdays before the games start.

What days do you play your games on and at what times?

Most games are on Saturdays with games starting between 8 am to 4 pm. We will play weekday games for Pigtail and Ponytail leagues, and some weekdays for 10u. These games will start between 6:30 to 7:30 pm and are played on fields with lights. There may be an occasional Sunday game to make up rain dates.

Where do we play our games?

Fairfax County Recreation Dept. controls the allocation of fields and does not guarantee any organization a field from season to season. In past years, the majority of our games and practices are held at Canterbury Woods Elementary School (a few blocks from the intersection of Braddock and Rolling Roads) or Rutherford Park (a few blocks from the intersection of Braddock and Guinea Roads) or Annandale Community Park (just north of the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Hummer Road). Other locations are used as the need arises (examples: Wakefield Recreation Center, Woodson High School, Robinson High School). For directions to specific fields, go to our Field Locations.

Who are our players?

We have about 300 players who come from Springfield, Burke, Annandale, Fairfax, Alexandria, and beyond.  Our younger girls are mostly from elementary schools spread all over the greater Burke, Annandale, and Springfield area. Our high school players come to us from Lee, West Springfield, Lake Braddock, Woodson, Robinson, Hayfield, Edison, West Potomac, Thomas Jefferson, and Annandale High Schools. BRYC Softball truly does cover the entire greater Springfield, Annandale, and Burke area, and welcomes girls from all over northern Virginia - there is no residency requirement.

If my daughter is more experienced, does she have to play at her age level?

We recognize that girls who play many seasons will be more advanced than those who just start. With such tight age groups, we recognize that more experienced girls should play up at the next level. This requires approval from the BRYC Softball board and the parents.

If my daughter plays for the High School varsity team, can she also play also BRYC?

Not during the spring varsity season, but she can play in the summer and fall, according to our league rules. Furthermore, most HS coaches do not want their players playing any softball other than that for their HS team. However, Junior Varsity players are eligible to play with BRYC Softball during any season. This is an excellent way for JV players to sharpen their softball skills.

What if my daughter makes her High School varsity team? Can I get a refund?

Yes. The amount depends on whether your daughter participated in our winter clinics. If she participates in our clinics, we will refund all but $25, which we need for non-refundable fees for insurance coverage and Fairfax County gym fees.

If my daughter plays for the High School JV team, can she also play also BRYC?

Yes! Most area High School coaches recommend to continue playing softball after the school season ends. They encourage the girls to play on select teams or local house league teams. BRYC coaches understand that there may be a conflict in the beginning of the season, but that occurs with other activities, too.

Does the house league conflict with High School JV softball?

Yes, but only for a few weeks in the spring. The JV season usually ends the second week in May, so there are 3 to 4 weeks of overlap. There will still be 4 weeks of BRYC games after the JV season ends. Also, BRYC coaches excuse JV players from BRYC practices and games when there are conflicts. We want JV players to make all their JV practices and games.

Should JV players wait to sign up until the end of the JV season?

No! Do NOT wait to sign up. Our teams may be filled and space may not be available. So, sign up early. You can always request a refund if she does not play BRYC Softball that season.

What do the registration fees pay for?

Our season fees cover 100% of your costs. There are no hidden equipment or uniform fees.  There are no administrative fees tacked on to your registration fee. There are no participation fees to force parents to participate (although we do welcome all volunteers). 100% of our effort and your fees are dedicated to girls fastpitch softball. None of your fees go to other sports or other organizations. Our select teams are financially autonomous from the house league and their fees. Oh, and we do give families with multiple players a $10 discount on the second, third, etc. players registered.

How do I become a coach?

We welcome all volunteers!!! The first step is easy if your daughter is already playing. Just approach her coach and offer to help.  That's the best way to learn coaching. The second step is to talk with the Commissioner of the age level that you are interested in coaching at. He/She will be able to give you tips and ideas on how to coach, and will help you get started. Also, every year BRYC Softball pays for the registration fees for two coaches from every BRYC Softball team to attend a national softball coaches clinic. This is a good way to learn how to teach players. Finally, we provide all coaches each year with a notebook that contains practice ideas and drills. This helps you in setting up a practice for a team.

Are there photos and awards?

We also offer every parent an opportunity to have their child's picture taken in uniform in the spring. All girls in the Coach Pitch and 10u leagues receive medals or trophies. The 10u, Pigtail, and Ponytail leagues participate in playoffs and all star games in the spring.

What clinics do you hold?

We'll hold clinics during only the winter for both skills and pitching. These are usually in February. Players must be registered for the spring season to attend. Go to our Clinics page for details.

Who are the league directors?
Position Name
League Commissioner Brandon Burke
Deputy Commissioner Travis Hersey
8 & Under Commissioner Brandon Burke
10 & Under Commissioner Travis Hersey
12 & Under Commissioner Travis Hersey
18 & Under Commissioner TBD
Secretary/Publicity Coordinator Brandon Burke
Finance Coordinator Brandon Burke
Equipment Manager Brandon Burke
Field Assignments Brandon Burke
Field Maintenance Director Brandon Burke
Webmaster Mark Crabill
Volunteer Coordinator Brandon Burke
Do you need volunteers?

Volunteers are needed several positions on the Board. All Board members do not pay registration fees for their daughters to play softball in the spring and fall house leagues.

  • The Assistant Commissioner assists the Commissioner in operations of the league, and takes on special projects on behalf of the Commissioner. The Assistant Commissioner also stands in for the Commissioner at BRYC meetings.
  • The Secretary/Publicity Coordinator takes minutes of meetings and handles all other publicity about BRYC Softball. The person places advertisements in local newspapers announcing BRYC Softball events, and works with the offices of Fairfax Country Commissioners, Virginia State Delegates and Senators, and local Congressional Representatives to coordinate their potential attendance at the Opening Day event.
  • The Coach Pitch Commissioner sets up the game schedule for the Coach Pitch league, assigns players to teams, and helps identify coaches. During the winter, the Coach Pitch Commissioner helps run the indoor practices for the 10u league.
  • The 10u Commissioner sets up the game schedule for the 10u league, assigns players to teams, schedules the teen age umpires for games, and helps identify coaches. During the winter, the 10u Commissioner helps run the indoor practices for the 10u league.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator plans and organizes special events where we have a need for volunteers. One important role is organizing the team photographs for the spring and fall seasons. At times, we may have a funding drive, and the Volunteer Coordinator helps secure volunteers for these drives.
  • The Field Maintenance Director organizes field upkeep work, such as pre-season reinstallation of bases. The Field Maintenance Director also works with the County to schedule field repair and location of portable rest rooms.
How can I contact BRYC Softball?

You can call the BRYC Softball hotline at 703-569-1466, or you can email our commissioner at email. Or you can mail us at BRYC Softball, PO Box 10333, Burke, VA 22009.

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About Us

BRYC Softball is a girls fastpitch softball organization in Fairfax County, Virginia that is dedicated to providing girls with the opportunity to experience recreational and competitive softball in an atmosphere that encourages and promotes teamwork, friendships, and good sportsmanship.